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Welcome to the website of Dutch Quality Flowers - Totnes florist

Dutch Quality Flowers has settled in Totnes in 2006 and has ever since build up a strong reputation.

We will do our utmost to provide you with the best flower arrangements and  (house)plants.

On this website we would like to show you a range of our tandard products, but we are always able to make you something that will suit your demand.

Please call us on 01803 840436 or email us on if you would like to order or if you have any other queries.

Chris Kollen is the proud owner of the Dutch Quality Flowers shop at 95 High Street, Totnes, Devon.

Chris who has been in the Dutch Land registry for 30 years, decided to make a career move and enter the flower trade. For that purpose, Chris took on a study at the Boerma Institute in Aalsmeer, the centre of the flower trade in the Netherlands. After completing his study, he worked as an apprentice for 9 months at a very successful flower shop in Aplhen aan den Rijn, where he learned the tricks of the trade. 

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