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Dutch Quality Flowers is the first and only Dutch flower shop in Devon. Our ambition is to introduce you to the Dutch world of floristry. That means that we deliver a combination of quality, product and service, at a level you will never experience at any supermarket. Why? Because we care and because we can.


Dutch Quality Flowers offers you a selection of single stemmed flowers, beautiful bouquets, thoughtful and creative arrangements for life celebrations and a smorgasbord of houseplants. We are grateful to our Dutch suppliers and the Dutch nurseries for helping us fulfil the highest quality and widest range of products.


Dutch Quality Flowers deals mainly with Dutch suppliers. This guarantees not only the highest quality you can get in the world, but also that all products are grown according to Dutch environmental and humanitarian standards - the highest in the world - something we are proud of.


We realise in order to encounter the supremacy of the supermarkets, offering top quality products is not enough. That's why we offer a level of service that a supermarket will never achieve. This means for example, that everything we do is tailor made and all our products are fresh. It also means we offer any type of service you can think of, as long it has the words flower or houseplant in it. And we offer you all the information you need to care for your flowers or plants.


In Holland flowers are not a luxury but an every day part of life. It is our aim to achieve this in the UK as well. We are fully aware that in order for our customers to keep coming back on a regular basis, we have to keep our prices down. That is why we have set ourselves the target to make a living by selling high quality products, for an affordable price.


To order please call us on 01803 840436 or send an e-mail to

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